Seller's Guide


Selling your home is a complex, multi-step process with a myriad of items you’ll need to consider. To help you along this process, here’s a general overview on what to expect and prepare for:

4 Key Steps



First be sure if it’s a good time to sell. Real estate market conditions are always changing. So analyze to see it’s financially feasible for you to sell your home. In less-than-ideal market conditions, you might find out that the market value of your home is less than the remaining balance on your mortgage. And if it is, here are your next steps:


So as you prepare to get your home ready for sale, the very first thing is to make any updates and repairs. This will help to improve your home’s value.

Make sure to take care of any pressing problems, such as leaking pipes, cracked windows, or other concerns might turnoff potential buyers. Then you need to stage (clean and declutter) your various rooms, so they look larger and people can envision living in the home more easily.

As for the outside, focus on curb appeal. This includes keeping your lawn mowed, trimming your hedges, and possibly adding flower beds for a bit of color. Painting or replacing your front door might make the entrance pop. Here is a quick list:


When the house is looking great, now is the time to schedule a professional photo shoot. Having professionals take photos can add thousands of $ to the final sale price. And in marketing your home, everything from pricing strategy and digital marketing to networking and open houses all make a difference. At this point, your Realtor is taking it from here. Here is a quick list overview:


In the event that your home sells quickly, you’ll need to be ready to move. And remember, you can never start looking for your next home soon enough. Here’s a quick look on navigating the tricky situation of selling your home and buying a new one all at the same time.